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We're hopefully back in full swing for the holidays now. Expecting sales to ramp up for Christmas, so not really working on any special projects yet. Earlier this year, we rolled out a few limited releases. Mainly Sunny Bee hot honey and Baby Spice red doña, which we'll probably bring back in the spring. Right now, we still have some June Bugs from a summer ferment and our spiciest sauce, Mthrfckr all the way from last year. 


So, on the back burner I have a couple ideas for sauces that could be limited runs, or could end up in the permanent lineup.  So far, that's basically how I've been trying things out. Starts as a limited thing, and if it catches on then it goes on indefinitely. The one's with staying power have been Uncle Spicy and Death & Texas. 


Next I'm thinking of concocting a kind of steak sauce/mushroom ketchup type of condiment with some scorpion pepper heat. I have the name, the design, the ingredients, I just haven't begun testing yet. So stay tuned for what I'm calling Snake Sauce, that'll probably crop up before winter ends. 


I started a little cooking show a couple months ago. So far I've made 3 episodes. Right now I'm recovering from hip replacement surgery, my second one this year. That's all for now. Check back for occasional entries and goodies. I'm looking forward to the holidays. 

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