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Ingredients: water, apple cider vinegar, carrot, red bell pepper, habanero, coriander, chile de arbol, garlic, ginger, sugar, salt


Heat: 5/10

5 oz


This food product is made in a Home Kitchen and is not inspected by the T.D.S.H.S. or at a local Health Dpt.

Wing King

  • WIng King is more than your typical chicken hot sauce. It starts with a potent cocktail of sweet red bell peppers, ginger, habaneros, carrots, coriander, and hot chile de arbols. That vibrant mixture is fermented for 120 days before being enlivened even further with apple cider vinegar.

    This sauce has enough body to coat without the addition of any fats. Reccomended with anything that's golden brown and delicious. 


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