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Ingredients: water, apple cider vinegar, smoked habanero, garlic, orange juice, honey, chile japon, salt


Heat: 8.5/10



This food product is made in a Home Kitchen and is not inspected by the T.D.S.H.S. or at a local Health Dept.

Uncle Spicy

  • An homage to classic Mexican salsas picantes, but also nearly our hottest one yet. This guy has some serious kick as opposed to your typical Valentina or Tapatio style hot sauce, with some extra body and rounded-outness. We smoke plump, ripe orange habaneros with post oak, then ferment them with orange juice, honey, and garlic for 60 days. It's pretty dang dank.

    Obviously, it rules on tacos and breakfast. Mix it with some good maple syrup and douse it on fried chicken and waffles. 

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