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Ingredients: water, white vinegar, red jalapeno,  garlic, blackberry, blueberry, sugar, lavender, pink peppercorn, Himalayan pink salt


Heat: 2/10



This food product is made in a Home Kitchen and is not inspected by the T.D.S.H.S. or at a local Health Dept.

Ultra Violet

  • Possibly our mildest and sweetest, this lady is a concoction of red jalapenos, blackberries and blueberries, plenty of garlic and lavender. It's seasoned with Himalayan pink salt and pink peppercorns, keeping with the pink/purple theme. Ultra Violet has a nice bright fruity kick to it with a slight habanero burn on the back end. 

    Delicious on a sweet savory pastry like cheese danish!

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