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Ingredients: water, white vinegar, red fresno, chile pequin, pomegranate puree, garlic, salt, sugar, green cardamom 


Heat: 5/10

5 oz


This food product is made in a Home Kitchen and is not inspected by the T.D.S.H.S. or at a local Health Dept.

Lady Bird

  • We finally settled on a namesake product. Lady Bird is based on Thailand and Vietnam's famous sriracha sauce (no, it's not originally from California). We fermented whole red fresno chiles (yes, I think those probably are from California), with plenty of garlic, chile pequin (or piquin), pomegranate juice, and green cardamom. The result is a not-too-firey, fragrant, sweet, and flavorful full bodied sauce. The smell alone is kind of amazing. 

    Lady Bird is pretty stellar on practically anything. It's a perfect finishing touch on a sammie or a 'rito. 

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